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Back to Life Coaching

Bringing Balance to Business and Life

"I have been suffering for years, not really understanding why I couldn't move forward.  Working with Rita I was able to recognise what I felt, where and when these feelings started from and how to manage them.  I now feel as though I am moving forward with my life and when things get too much, I have ways to manage those times, so that they don't take me backwards again".

- Susan B. -

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It's your LIFE

  • Need to heal self.

  • Need to talk out your experience, safely.

  • Need help working out how to move forward.

  • Need support in knowing how to live again.

  • Need to form strong relationships again.

"Trauma is personal.  It does not disappear if it is not validated.  When it is ignored or invalidated the silent screams continue internally heard by the one held captive.  When someone enters the pain and hears the screams healing can begin."

- Danielle Bernock - 


I can help you.  I am willing and able to guide you from where you are now towards the life you want to reach, providing actionable strategies, coping techniques and the inspiration throughout this time of growth.  I have personally experienced trauma a number of times in my life, from bullying, to a life-threatening illness, to the sudden loss of my parents.  

I understand that every person experiences trauma differently.  I can offer not only a wealth of knowledge, personal experience, techniques and expertise to support you in developing your inner strength, understand what you are experiencing and guide, inspire and empower you to step forward into your life, at your pace.


  • You want to feel safe in yourself.

  • You want to enjoy your life.

  • You want to enjoy being with your family and friends.

  • You want more out of your life.

  • You want to live a life with purpose.

This way of life comes from clarity of VisionStrategy and Action

Now is the time to take your LIFE back.

Lead your life with purpose and passion

Ways that we can work together

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Entrepreneur Coaching

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Start to End Coaching



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