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Balancing business and life successfully

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

John Beetison is the founder of ‘The Strong Life Club’ and an experienced business owner. The Strong Life Club provides a 360° approach to health and lifestyle, offering group and tailored services, face-to-face and virtually, to support clients to transition from their current lifestyle to an active, healthy and confident lifestyle. The Strong Life Club believes that a clear balance between nutrition and fitness, gives every client the most rewarding approach to health and the life a client wants to live.

After many years of working ‘in’ the business, John wanted to focus on developing a business that supported both his business vision and his personal goals of spending quality time with the family, travelling and as well as creating time to pursue personal ambitions.

John describes “I knew that working with Rita was the right approach for me, as she takes a very personal and caring approach to coaching. I needed someone who would take the time to understand what I needed and could translate that into the best course of action for me and my business.”

John reached out to Rita, founder of RPB Coaching and booked an initial Discovery Session, at which John and Rita agreed work together on a 3-month one-to-one coaching programme. The core objective was to focus John’s attention on the foundation of the business, including a 5-year vision plan, understanding exactly what this business needs to achieve and service architecture. Maintaining a clear work life balance approach to developing the business and service models, has been an essential requirement for our tailored coaching programme.

John explained “I was really unsure of how I was going to start making this business profitable, as a full-time opportunity, particularly as I had lost the business once before. I was very nervous about going back into a full-time business model. Rita put me at ease and create a clear plan for move forward. This has allowed me to focus on what mattered, rather than focusing on lots of time consuming activities that would have slowed me down and drained my energy.

I would tell anyone that is serious about growing their business and leading a life they want to live, to go for it! I have learnt that you can’t do it on your own and leaning on someone who has the knowledge and is able to support you, gives you far more than just business knowledge. Rita takes the time to listen and create plans that are right for the individual and their business, in a way that also stimulates growth and success.”

Are you ready to start building your business in a way that recognises your personal needs? Why not book a

Discovery Session to explore what my services can do for you? | | 07704 715229

If you are ready to take your fitness to the next level, you may contact John at | | 07753 358387


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