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Being successful in Life and Business

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

As a self-employed business owner, Stacey owns a successful financial planning business, that supports clients and their families to achieve their financial goals and aspirations year on year. Stacey works tirelessly to provide valuable and tailored financial planning advice to private and corporate clients across the Midlands.

As a busy and successful solopreneur, who also enjoys friends and family time, Stacey was conscious of the time that she wasn’t investing in her own well-being, as helping, supporting and being there for the people she cared about, including her clients, is an important aspect of her approach to life.

Stacey described that “I was feeling burnt out and found that I couldn’t switch off from work, stress levels were high, lockdown had took its toll and time seemed non-existent.”

Stacey reached out to Rita, founder of RPB Coaching after Rita delivered a short elevator pitch about the early signs of burnout. Following a brief conversation, Stacey and Rita agreed work together on a 3-month one-to-one coaching programme, to explore some of the challenges that Stacey was facing in setting a balanced approach to work and life; setting tasks and exercises for Stacey to practice out of sessions, as well as explore alternative ways to approach the same challenges amongst other areas.

Stacey explained “a few months later, I have the same workload, stresses and responsibilities but my mindset, priorities and ability to be able to achieve a real work life balance through the advice, guidance and techniques talked through with Rita has meant that I am more productive, more positive and clearer on what is important in order to be a better version of me.

The most important person is you. So easy to forget that when you run your own business. Take time for you, invest in you. Speak to Rita, best thing I did and will continue to do to ensure I achieve everything I want to still, but not at a detriment to me and my well-being. I now not only run a business I call mine, I enjoy doing it. It makes such a difference.”

For more information about my one-to-one coaching programmes please visit - or you may like to be part of a group .

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