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6 signs that it's time to hire a Life Purpose Coach

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Life has a way of lifting us up and holding us still. Sometimes life goes our way and sometimes life goes the other way. Sometimes others are kind and caring and at other times others are harsh and thoughtless.

Whatever happens in our lives and whatever stage we are at, sometimes we need to talk and work through ‘stuff’ that we are feeling and dealing with, as well as when we are thinking of making changes. Our family, friends, colleagues and peers usually have our best interests at heart, even if they are not the best people to support us. They may be supporting and advising us based on their experiences, thoughts and to the best of their ability. However, they may be making assumptions about what you want, what are your abilities are or they may simply be too busy, to listen well.

However, this approach may leave you still wanting direction, actual support and still feeling like you want to achieve and move forward. Talking with an impartial professional can make all the difference, as they only know you at this time. A professional only has your best interests at heart and will be bold enough to hold you accountable for your goals. This approach could guide, empower and inspire you to identify your future (the direction you would like to go in) and to achieve your goals, faster than by working on your own.

Here are six signs that it’s time to hire a Life Purpose Coach:

1. You doubt yourself.

We all experience self-doubt, particularly when we are gearing up for change or are in pursuit of our dreams. Self-doubt catches up with us all, at some time or another. Self-doubt appears and disappears throughout our lives, usually when we are in growth and change. Even famous people and those who you admire most, doubt themselves, their abilities and their worth, at some point in their lives.

The secret to managing self-doubt is to never give up on your dreams, goals and ambitions. The key is to learn from your experiences, to recognise your triggers and to train your minds to think differently about yourself.

When you next look at others and feel that they are managing well or doing brilliantly, when you are feeling self-doubt, the chances are that they have someone, a ‘go to’ person or expert who has helped them to understand themselves, to think clearly and to develop new perspectives.

2. You are a serial procrastinator.

You want to move job roles…when you have time. You want to eat healthier…from next Monday. You want to get fitter…when you have time to buy some trainers. You want to get some help by talking to someone who can hold you accountable (a Coach)…when you have time to commit to the process. If you are reading this article, this is a sign. The time is now.

Hiring a Life Purpose Coach is a solution for all serial procrastinators, who are always putting off making life changes, even those that need to be made. Many people suffering from procrastinating tendencies, need to be motivated and inspired to make changes, as well as support in identifying a clear, deliverable plan with manageable steps.

A Life Purpose Coach gives you all of these aspects of support, as well as staying with you through your life changes, helping you to remove barriers, working to set a positive mindset, holding you accountable for your actions and development, as well as motivating you to smash your goals.

3. You have a dream and don’t know where to begin.

Many of us have a dream of what we want from our lives, regardless of where we are, in this moment. A dream life, a dream relationship, a dream house, a dream holiday, a dream body. Some people who are willing to chase their dreams and have found a way to make them a reality. For many, we know what we want to achieve, we have the willingness to chase our dreams and often have no idea of where to begin. This is the right time to contact a Life Purpose Coach.

A Life Purpose Coach can help you make the first and most important steps that push you on your way to success. We will work together to develop a manageable plan that is actionable, giving an opportunity to start straight away. Everything you want is on the other side of your fear. A Life Purpose Coach guides, inspires and empowers you to be courageous, enough to lift you above your fear.

Let’s talk and see how I can move you closer to your dreams. Contact RPB Coaching to book a free 30 minutes discovery call on 07704 715229 or at .

4. You flake out on your goals.

For many people, particularly at certain times of the year, goal setting and even taking initial steps towards their goals is easy and experience no challenges. However, life has a tendency to creep in and divert our attention. Sometimes for a few short hours and often for a few days or weeks, long enough for us to lose momentum and motivation in working towards your goals. At this stage, many give up or carry the goal over to the next time in the year when they set their goals again. This is a known pattern.

If you take a moment to think about this and find that this is in fact you, then do contact me to discuss further, as a Life Purpose Coach will help you kick-start your motivation and come back on track again.

5. You feel lost in your life.

Life is messy and confusing and now more than ever, as routines change, for some daily.

Life can start to feel like a maze, in which you can get lost in. Or you have experienced a life changing event, which has left you and your life in a spin. If this is you, you are not alone and feeling lost in your life is OK, for now. We all experience this feeling at some point in our lives and it is a sign that you need to reach out and speak with a professional.

You can speak with family and friends and they will try to help you to the best of their ability. Please do remember that you may not want to disclose your personal situation and feelings with those that love you. Also, people who are close to you want you to do well and may not have the right skills to help you at this time and in this situation.

A professional, such as a Life Purpose Coach, can help you to understand your situation, your triggers, explore the events you have experienced and their impact on you. A Life Purpose Coach can guide you back to your life, one step at a time.

6. You want to change your career or lifestyle.

I have spoken with a number of professionals who currently feel stuck in their careers. Professionals who feel unhappy in their roles, who feel tired or fatigued in their roles or are overworked and have had enough.

If you want to change your career and are feeling stuck in indecision and inaction, ultimately this will impact in your health and those closest to you. Whatever the reasons are that lead you to want to change your career or lifestyle, this is a clear sign that you need to engage with a Life Purpose Coach, who can help bring clarity to your situation and guide you to make the decisions you need to make to finally change your career or lifestyle.

Let’s talk and see how we can work together to find you path forward. Contact RPB Coaching to book a free 30 minute discovery call on 07704 715229 or at .


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