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What is a Life Coach?

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is the process of meeting a professional coach who can support you in working on the areas of your life that you feel are holding you back or stopping you from being the person you want to be. Usually, a professional coach will support you to make changes, learn something new and kick start the process of working towards your goals.

A Life Coach’s role is to help you find answers through conversation, questioning, observation, active listening and by reflecting on your answers. During the coaching process you start to gain a greater understanding of your current situation and insight. Coaching gives you space to reflect, review and identify what you need to do and how you could do them.

A Life Coach is an impartial, qualified and experienced professional, who is always on your side. Your Coach will maintain a focus on the areas of your life that you have agreed to work on, by making you accountable for your plans, actions and progress. Your coach will also help you develop your life skills, the ways you approach areas of your life and give you the tools you need to grow.

Life Coaching tends to focus on one area of your life, such as confidence coaching, relationship coaching, vision planning, career coaching, family life coaching, anxiety coaching, divorce coaching and much, much more.

At RPB Coaching, I take a whole life approach, where we start by identify the challenges and barriers that you are facing. From there we start to work on make the changes that are needed and review how these changes impact other areas of your life.

Who is Life Coaching for?

Many people seek the support of a Life Coach for lots of different reasons, including:

· wanting to achieve their goals and are not able to, for whatever reason

· feeling lost in their life or situation

· knowing that they know how and what to do things and still feel doubt in a way that stops them moving forward

· having had a life changing experience and know that they need to move forward

· becoming aware that they keep putting things off or find that they never finish things

· wanting to change your career and need help to find a starting point

· needing to change their health and wellbeing focus

If any of the above bullet points describe how you are feeling at the moment, please reach out to request a free 30 mins chat.

How does Life Coaching work?

The process of any coaching activity occurs through conversation either online, face-to-face or by phone.

The core aim of coaching is to gain a clearer understanding of your barriers and challenges, the goals you hope to achieve, determine what actions you need to take to achieve your goals and by learning new ways of doing something, you begin the process of making the changes you need and want to make.

Your coach will stay with you during this process and support you, help you develop helpful behaviours and work through the dips you may experience. Your coach will hold you accountable for the actions you have agreed to work on and by being your ‘cheerleader’ will work to keep you moving forward.

Why is Life Coaching so effective?

The underpinning belief of coaching is that you already have the answers within you. Sometimes our situation, belief system or some sort of life event can stop us seeing clearly and even block our thought processes completely, leaving us feeling lost, overwhelmed and unhappy.

Life Coaching helps you gain a greater self-awareness giving you time to look at a situation or moment from different perspectives. Working with a professional who does not judge, criticise or control the process, helps you explore your options and ways you could move forward. In doing so, you are able to find your way forward, with support, greater knowledge and the skills you need to make real change.

About Rita P. Booth

With 18 years of experience working with people and businesses, I have accumulated a varied experience of working with people to develop their personal, career and business skills.

My Life Purpose Coaching takes a while-life approach, where not only do we work on your goals and dreams, we review the other aspects of your life, to ensure that we only put in change in a way that lasts across your whole life.

Read more about my experience.

Request a free 30mins chat.


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