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What is a Life Purpose Coach?

You may have heard other people talk about their life’s purpose, or that they’ve found their ‘calling’ or that they need to find their life’s purpose and you either understood exactly what they were talking about or you just walked away with no idea of what they meant.

Having a life’s purpose is about living a life the way that makes you feel alive and valued, doing something you enjoy and feels worthwhile to you. It’s when you do something that you are passionate and proud of doing, whilst aligning your life, career and business to your values.

Who is Life Purpose Coaching for?

We are all unique in the world, bringing with us our unique set of skills, knowledge and experiences that give us a framework to build and approach our lives and ‘world’ with.

During the course of our lives up to this point, our life experiences, those people, places and beliefs that have influenced our thinking and understanding of our world, can be either supportive or unsupportive as you try to move forward. If your belief system is either floored or does not suit your life at this point, your happiness, life’s purpose and even your values may feel uncomfortable and difficult to manage.

In reality, this may be in the form:

· staying in a relationship that does not enlighten you,

· staying with an employer out of loyalty or because it is easier than finding a new role

· keeping a life full of the same routine every day, because it is easier than trying to break the cycle of routine.

· Accepting mediocrity because it’s where you are at this moment.

· Starting to form unhealthy and unhelpful habits such as drinking more than before.

If you are ready to discuss this further please Contact Me now and request a free 30 mins chat.

Why can a Life Purpose Coach help me?

For many people, they find a moment in life that they feel is the perfect way to life and feel happy with the people around them, the work they do and how they spend their free time. For some, this way of life is maintained for a while and in many cases for a long while.

However, we continue to grow in thought, skills and experiences, each day without noticing. In the same way the people around us grow, develop and gain new experiences, sometimes together and sometimes on their own. The life we were once happy and content with can start to feel uncomfortable, even difficult, as life starts to feel bumpy.

For many this shift occurs all of a sudden and it only takes one thing to change, such as a child growing up or moving away, the work you once loved is not what it used to be, perhaps friends have moved on, perhaps the financial situation has changed or that you’ve started to notice differences between the people closest to you, which didn’t feel so big before.

People change and evolve, as they understanding of their world, what they like and don’t’ like grows. We do not always grow together and sometimes we grow out of a situation, relationship or location. Staying in a situation that you are unhappy with, tends to ‘show up’ in your life in many different ways, such as:

· Becoming angry easily

· Putting off turning up somewhere or not contacting friends and family

· not bothering to complete tasks properly

· Experiencing growing feelings of anxiety and stress

· Don’t laugh enough in life

· You struggle to get out of bed because you can’t face your day

· You have dreams, desires and goals that you dream of achieving

· You want to make a mark on the world

· You just want to be different

If you are reading this and the text above resonates with you then let me help you by requesting a free 30 mins chat.

How effective is Life Purpose Coaching?

Life Purpose Coaching sessions give you space to talk about how you are feeling and how you are navigating your life. This helps you identify exactly what is happening in your life and the world around you, enough to start understand which aspects of your life are no longer working for you. This type of coaching gives you time to think and to be yourself.

Taking steps that you are comfortable with, you will be able to work on identifying your life goals, your dreams and what you want to be doing with your time. Your Life Purpose Coach will then help you work out where to begin, what you need to do and help you understand a step-by-step plan that takes you forward day by day.

Your Life Purpose Coach will help you gain clarity, keep you focused on moving forward, hold you accountable and address barriers and challenges as they arise.

Working with an experienced professional will really help you to change your life, give you the control you need to achieve your goals and learn the skills you need for you to continue to grow and develop in the future.

About Rita P. Booth

With 18 years of experience working with people and businesses, I have accumulated a varied experience of working with people to develop their personal, career and business skills.

My Life Purpose Coaching takes a while-life approach, where not only do we work on your goals and dreams, we review the other aspects of your life, to ensure that we only put in change in a way that lasts across your whole life.

Read more about my experience.

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