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What is Life Purpose Coaching?

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

As a Life Purpose Coach, I am passionate about people and work to develop and enhance their existing skills, knowledge and talent. The coaching process supports, guides, enhances and inspires people to learn more about themselves, their capabilities and to push themselves outside their comfort zones.

There are many reasons why we don’t consider a life coach. There are many reasons why we don’t or cannot move forward with our life goals, hopes and dreams. Sometimes, it’s because of fear; sometimes, we don’t know where to start and sometimes it’s simply because life happens, where we re-focus, finding ourselves far away from where we expected to be. Whatever our experiences, there comes a point in our lives when we begin to reflect, review and wonder, “what if?”. We may even want to explore the things that are stopping us from living the life we wanted and planned.

A Life Purpose Coach is a great life “buddy”, a professional person who you can reach out and talk to, in a safe and confidential way. A Life Purpose Coach does not judge, decide or push you down a certain path. Equally, a Life Purpose Coach’s only aim is to listen, support, guide, empower and inspire you to grow and develop.

There are many different scenario’s in life, where working with a Life Purpose Coach would benefit you. When you know you need to change the way you do things, if you start to feel “stuck” or you know that your confidence is low, when you need to tackle limiting beliefs or simply want to grow and transform, this is a good time to engage your “Life Buddy”. | 07704 715229 |


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