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One-to-One Coaching

Service focuses on you, life and business, providing complete support.

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07704 715229

Services description

Life, Life Purpose and Business Coaching at a one-to-one level, is the highest level of support available and focuses completely on you, your life, your business and the future you want to create. These sessions are tailored to your unique self and your unique set of circumstances, where your action plan and the goals you set at the beginning of the programme remain central during our coaching time together. One-to-one coaching sessions taken on a regular basis are for people who recognise that they have to do things differently to reach their goals and ambitions. One-to-one coaching provides a super tailored approach to personal and business growth, development, achievement and success. By the end of your coaching time with RPB Coaching, you will have clear goals and a winning mind-set. You will be able to develop your own planning and successful strategies that take you from strength to strength, as well as growing in confidence, personal strength and positive behavioural patterns that you can only push up from. You will have a completely different mind-set and perspective on growth and success This service includes: • An action planning session. • Every session is up to 90 mins, to be agreed. • You may use your coaching time through emails, telephone calls (10 mins blocks) and coaching sessions. • Meeting notes, tools and exercises are provided after the session. • Every session concludes with an agreement of next sessions focus. • Every session concludes with agreed date for next session. Your investment: • Every client who proceeds to coaching needs to complete a Clarity session first (£95). • Each bundle is 360 mins. • £570 payable either prior to the commencement of each 3-month agreement or in £190 monthly payments x 3. In person appointments are available for £780 and can be paid in 3 monthly installments of £260. • Every 360 mins bundle must be completed within the designated 3 month period. • You can purchase as many 360 mins bundles, provided there is a clear purpose and goal for each coaching contract. Send a message through the contact form, to request an appointment or for a chat.

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