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One-to-One Mentoring

Life, Life Purpose and Business Mentoring tailored to your unique self.

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07704 715229

Services description

Life, Life Purpose and Business Mentoring is delivered through one-to-one sessions and contact, where we develop a trusted relationships in which we can discuss all aspects of your life, personal and professional. Mentoring focuses on you, all pillars of your life and how you approach the world around you. Development occurs through mutual discussion about our experiences, ideas and current challenges. Mentoring can be delivered by telephone and in person, where we agree regular sessions. Mentoring is ideal for anyone who takes their desire to change and grow seriously. Typically, my clients want to achieve specific goals and have a big vision that they feel is too far way for them to achieve. One-to-one mentoring provides a super tailored approach to your whole life, career and business and will stimulate growth, development, achievement and success. By the end of your mentoring time with RPB Coaching, you will have a clear action plan, will have experienced some successes and have clarity on your own path in all areas of your life. This service includes: • An exploration and planning session. • Every session is up to 90 mins, to be agreed. • You may use your mentoring time through email, telephone calls (10 mins blocks) and mentoring sessions. • Meeting notes, tools and exercises are provided after the session. • You are in control of every session and set the focus of each meeting. • Every session concludes with agreed date for next session. Your investment: • Every client who proceeds to mentoring needs to complete a Clarity session first (£95). • Each bundle is 720 mins. • £1,100 payable either prior to the commencement of each 6-month agreement or in £183.34 monthly payment x 6. In person delivery is available at £1,560 or in 6 monthly installments of £260. • Every 720 mins bundle must be completed within the designated 6 month period. • You can purchase as many 720 mins bundles, provided there is a clear purpose and goal for each mentoring contract. • Please be aware that face-to-face delivery is available at a fee of £1,560 (monthly payment of £260 x 6 months). Send a message through the contact form, to request an appointment or for a chat.

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